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Article: Snowmobiling the Wild North

Snowmobiling the Wild North

Snowmobiling the Wild North

With what little snow we had this winter, we haven't been able to head out on the trails very much.  With a recent snowfall we thought to take advantage of what might be 'one last ride' before the warm sun hits the rocks and starts the melt.
My husband and I hopped on the sleds and rode from our driveway in Denare Beach, SK to the 'Bob Douglas Warmup Shack' maintained by our local Flin Flon Border Explorer's Snowmobile Club. (Route 203A and 203B on the map).  We spent 6 hours total out on such a sunny and warm day exploring on and off the trails.
The Flin Flon Border Explorers have a lot to boast about—over 200 kilometres of trails to ride, a dedicated community of friendly riders and, most of all, they’re the reigning 2022 SnoRiders' SledTown ShowDown champions (Flin Flon won the 2020 SnoRiders’ SledTown ShowDown championship too!).


Snowmobiling isn't just a recreational activity; it's an immersive journey into the heart of winter's beauty and the forested wild north. 

Benefits of Snowmobiling for Mental Wellness:

  1. Stress Reduction: Disconnect from the cell phone and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. 

  2. Mood Enhancement: It's no secret that spending time in nature can lift your spirits, and snowmobiling is no exception. The rush of adrenaline combined with the breathtaking scenery elevated our mood. Braaaaaaaap!

  3. Mindfulness and Presence: Snowmobiling demands focus and concentration, forcing us to be fully present in the moment. Savour the beauty of the present moment and appreciate the wonders of nature.

  4. Connection with Nature: Connect with Mother Nature in all her winter glory. From the towering spruce trees to the beautiful rock formations, every aspect of the landscape served as a reminder of our interconnectedness with the earth.

  5. Physical Exercise: Snowmobiling may be an exhilarating activity, but it's also a fantastic form of exercise. Maneuvering the machine requires strength and coordination, providing a full-body workout without even realizing it. Not to mention, the fresh air prepares you for a good night's sleep.

Snowmobiling isn't just about the thrill of the ride—it's about embracing nature's therapy and reaping the countless benefits it offers for our minds, bodies, and souls. We encourage you to embark on your own outdoor adventures and discover the transformative power of nature firsthand. 

Stay tuned for our next outdoor experience, and remember to prioritize your mental wellness by immersing yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Love Life, outdoors!

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