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Article: Snow Shoe the Boreal Forest

Snow Shoe the Boreal Forest

Snow Shoe the Boreal Forest

January 28, 2024

We've barely seen any snow this winter, but just enough to hit the trails with our snow shoes! Leslie and Denise led me on one of the many wintery paths they're exploring in Flin Flon, Manitoba!

Heading outside with friends is an awesome way to chill and boost your mental well-being, whether it's merely for 5 minutes (or three and a half hours tromping over fallen trees and up and down rock cliffs). Let your worries drift away and your thoughts relax as you focus on the trail ahead, the chitchat and giggles, and obviously the crisp air, for a good nights sleep.


 📷 Leslie Beck - rock cliffs of Sourdough Bay


Let's talk about why snowshoeing is like a big hug for your mind and body in the wintertime!

  1. Nature Time: Snowshoeing takes you on a magical journey through snowy forests and quiet wilderness. Being surrounded by nature's beauty helps melt away stress and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  2. Mindful Moves: Walking in snowshoes is like a gentle dance with nature. It helps you focus on the here and now, leaving worries behind and bringing a sense of calmness to your mind. Plus, breathing in the fresh winter air feels like giving your brain a big hug!

  3. Sunlight Booster: Even on cloudy days, snowshoeing gets you out in the sunlight, which is like a natural mood booster. Sunlight helps your body make vitamin D, which is like a happy pill for your brain, keeping the blues away.

  4. Stress Buster: Moving your body in the snow is like hitting the reset button for your stress levels. It releases happy chemicals that make you feel good, and the peaceful snowy scenery is like a soothing balm for your soul.

  5. Buddy Fun: Snowshoeing isn't just about you and the snow—it's also a chance to bond with friends or family. Sharing the snowy adventure with loved ones adds extra warmth to your heart and brings smiles all around.

So, grab those snowshoes and let's go on a winter wonderland adventure! It's the perfect remedy for a happier, healthier you! 🌨️❄️👟


📷Cyndi Pedwell

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